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Since my experience at Intelie, I started work heavily with DevOps but still maintain the title "Developer". My experience with programming outside disciplines of university started with small scripts to system administration stuff. After that, I started participate in programming contests like ACM-ICPC, TopCoder, Google Code Jam and others.

After university time, my first job wasn't a developer role, part of my job was review articles and produce developer content. My first professional experience with programming, Full-Stack Developer, started at Giran building an e-commerce platform using Ruby On Rails.

Intelie was a great special time in my career. My time there can be split in three parts: a) Coopera: a beautiful ITSM platform written with JRuby and Ruby On Rails, small and smart team, my first experience with API design and implementation. My first contact with others tools like BackboneJS, Puppet and Vagrant; b) Simentar, a fluid flow simulator involved in a cementing operation of oil wells to Petrobras. Basically, a desktop application written most of base code in Python because of UI(Qt), simulations code was written in C++ and a small fraction in Fortran running on Windows machines; and c)Intelie Live, core product of company. My first experience with DevOps building a pipeline to delivery the product to consumers and maintain it. Besides operations stuff, I did a set of plugins to platform required for some customers goals.

Now I working at B2W Digital, the biggest player in Brazil at e-commerce scenario, I'm part of Stock team building a PubSub system using Go, Java, Kafka, Zookeeper, Docker, Ansible and AWS.



August 2016 - present
B2W Digital, Rio de Janeiro

I'm part of product team, specially, stock and sigma (product indexer). We're responsible to maintain APIs of both systems and few webapps. Our stack is mostly Java with Spring and Spark using Solr, MongoDB, Cassandra and Kafka. Newest APIs we're using Go with great success and Node for webapps.


May 2013 - August 2016
Intelie, São Paulo (remote)
Intelie Live

At Live project, I worked as Developer and DevOps. Intelie Live is a powerful and flexible stream analytics platform that helps our clients to transform data into real-time results. Cloud or on-premises. As a developer, I did new plugins to integrate external services to Live Platform like Twitter, Facebook, Google Spreadsheets and others. Another relevant, was the plugin to integrate Live and Selenium to emulate various scenarios and capture metrics of each step. All development was written in Java. As a DevOps, I did provisioning of product and all dependencies using Ansible, Docker and AWS.

Other relevant tools on stack: MySQL, MongoDB, Selenium, JavaScript, Python and Go.


This project I worked only on development. Simentar was an ongoing project what I came to improve with three new modules. Simentar is a fluid flow simulator involved in a cementing operation of oil wells. With a code base written in C++ and Python I did all modifications and improvements at Python side adding new kind of simulations to desktop application.


Coopera is an ITSM platform that potentiates the collaboration among people and facilitates the utilization, configuration and automation. This project I worked as Full-Stack Developer, all backend was written in JRuby with Rails and frontend are mixing Bootstrap, BackboneJS and others JS libraries. Most part of my time here was creating an API to platform to interact with external services.

System Analyst

April 2012 - January 2013
Giran, Espírito Santo

I worked at Adena, a fast and customizable platform for creating e-commerces. This project I worked as Full-Stack Developer, all backend was written in Ruby with Rails and frontend are mixing jQuery and others JS libraries. Most part of my time here was creating an new features to platform.

Community Manager

September 2011 - April 2012
iMasters, Espírito Santo

At iMasters I worked with APIs like PayPal, BuscaPé and MoIP on relationship with developers community. Screencast and articles about internal tools of Abril Group. Developing internal tools to iMasters, writer and technical reviewer of Portal iMasters.


Projects with my participation outside of any work experience.

Research at UFES - Working on computer-supported diagnosis of tuberculosis through Baciloscopy. The following automated procedure is used: (a) acquisition of image stacks taken at different focal depths in various XY slide positions in an automated microscope, (b) images transmission to a cluster, (c) application of deconvolution algorithms to reduce the point­spread function effect of the light microscope, (d) application of segmentation algorithms for selection of images with bacilli sugestive structures. The result obtained by the automated process is finally presented to the specialist for a definitive diagnosis.
ACM-ICPC Coach at UFES - Responsible to teach new students how to compete in programming contest. Programming languages tips and tricks, data structures and algorithms. Organize fake competitions to prepare students for real competitions.
System and Network Administrator of Computer Science Department at UFES - Responsible to maintain and improve CS Department servers and network.
Workshop to new students at UFES - Responsible to teach for new students about Linux, basic usage and programming environment.

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