João Víctor Rocon Maia

Computer Engineer

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Computer Engineering - UFES / April 2005 - January 2012


Working on computer-supported diagnosis of tuberculosis through Baciloscopy. The following automated procedure is used: (a) acquisition of image stacks taken at different focal depths in various XY slide positions in an automated microscope, (b) images transmission to a cluster, (c) application of deconvolution algorithms to reduce the point­spread function effect of the light microscope, (d) application of segmentation algorithms for selection of images with bacilli sugestive structures. The result obtained by the automated process is finally presented to the specialist for a definitive diagnosis.



Intelie (May 2013 - current)

Intelie Live

Intelie Live is the platform that allows your company to think faster, reaching strategic results through operational excellence. There’s no time to lose! Make the best decisions at the right time: now.


Set of solutions for well engineering planning. In particular, the fluid flow simulator involved in a cementing operation of oil wells, Simentar.


Improve your IT service delivery and favor a better governance through an ITSM platform that potentiates the collaboration among people and facilitates the utilization, configuration and automation. Acquire a complete and efficient tool and obtain financial results and the satisfaction of the operators and end-users.

Giran (April 2012 - January 2013)


The Adena is a fast and customizable platform for creating e-commerces. It is an ideal place to start your sales in a professional manner allowing quick start-up with low cost, which is critical for businesses looking to get started with e-commerce immediately without giving up flexibility, exclusivity and high performance platform.

iMasters (September 2011 - April 2012)

At iMasters I worked with APIs like PayPal, BuscaPé and MoIP on relationship with developers community. Screencast and articles about internal tools of Abril Group. Developing internal tools to iMasters, writer and technical reviewer of Portal iMasters.

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